The C.G. Jung Institute Low-Fee Referral Service

In order to continue to provide therapeutic services to the community during the Covid 19 pandemic, we are currently conducting therapy via video for those in the local tri-state area. Applicants must be able to travel to Manhattan for weekly sessions once sessions are in person again. 


For over four decades the C. G. Jung Institute of New York has provided a personalized, confidential referral service to the New York/tri-state community. The service offers referrals to individuals seeking reduced-fee Jungian psychoanalytic psychotherapy conducted by students training at the Institute. All students have Masters or Doctoral degrees and are under the supervision of licensed Jungian Analysts.


The Low-Fee Referral Service offers a range of services that includes:
  • Jungian psychoanalytic psychotherapy, providing, in addition to relief from symptoms, a broader understanding of the issues in our lives and an increased sense of basic aliveness through fostering individuation and psychological growth
  • Treatment of specific conditions and issues:
    • Specific Conditions: depression, anxiety, self-image, inhibitions, posttraumatic stress
    • Adjustment Concerns:  religious concerns, sexual orientation, aging and elder care issues, parental concerns, vocational decisions and stress, mid-life conflicts, relationship difficulties, and other issues
  • Specific services oriented towards assisting creative and performing artists
  • Personal growth and spiritual development
  • Multi-lingual psychotherapy (in certain languages)


Fees are based on a sliding scale and range from $35 to $90 per session based on your income and resources.

Application Process

If you are interested in pursuing the process of low-fee Jungian psychoanalytic psychotherapy conducted by analysts-in-training at the C. G. Jung Institute of New York, please download the following forms, complete them and mail them, along with the cover page of your federal tax return, to the address listed below. 

Jung Referral Service Application 

Jung Institute Joint Notice of Privacy Practices  (return signature page only)

Dr. Anat Ben-Zvi

C.G. Jung Institute Low-Fee Referral Service

28 East 39th Street

New York, NY 10016

or (You can send your documents privately and securely if you have an account with, which is free. You may still send your documents to us via this email, but they will not be encrypted if you do not have a Protonmail account.) 

An non-refundable application fee of $75 will be required once your application has been received and you have been contacted to schedule an intake interview. At that point the fee can be paid through PayPal at: PayPal.Me/cgjunginstituteofny. Please indicate your name and that the payment is for the Low Fee Referral Service Application when you make your payment. 

If you have specific practical questions regarding the application process, you may contact the Referral Service Intake Coordinator, Dr. Anat Ben-Zvi, at (212) 867-8461.

Once the application and fee are received, the Coordinator will contact you and arrange an appointment to conduct an initial screening interview to explore whether Jungian analysis would be of help to you, and if so, to determine a good match with an analyst-in-training at the Institute. We might ask you to attend more than one appointment with your intake worker, or to meet with a consulting psychiatrist. These appointments would require additional fees. Every effort is made to ensure that your referral is made considerately and without undue delay.

If you cancel your intake appointment with less than 48 hours notice you will need to pay another $75 application fee to schedule another intake appointment. 

If you would prefer to work with a graduate Jungian analyst, a directory of certified Jungian analysts, searchable by location, may be found on the website of the New York Association for Analytical Psychology, the professional society of Jungian Analysts in the New York area, at  Alternately, you may wish to contact the Coordinator of the Professional Referral Service, Dr. Maurice Krasnow, at (646) 522-6922.